Webinar: How to Setup Online Counseling in 6 Easy Steps


Webinar: How to Setup Online Counseling in 6 Easy Steps

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Want to offer online counseling but not sure where to start? 
Feeling overwhelmed by all the laws, ethics, and technology? 
Trying to figure out how to fit online counseling into your practice? 

I'll help you clear the fog, feel confident, and come up with a concrete plan! 


  • You're just starting to think about online services and curious about how it works.

  • You want to wrap your mind around the idea before jumping into the deep end.

  • You'd love a concrete, step-by-step plan to set you up for success!


  • Relevant telehealth terminology

  • The benefits and risks of online counseling

  • Decide whether online counseling is a good fit for you & your clients

  • Determine whether you can legally & ethicically provide telehealth services

  • Clinical, legal, and ethical considerations of working nationally & internationally

  • The technology available to make online counseling possible

  • Understand how to manage confidentiality & HIPAA with telehealth services

  • How to screen clients for online counseling

  • How to assess and manage safety & crisis online


GET 2 CEUs* 

* Approved CEU provider by the Texas State Boards of: Examiners of Psychologists, of Social Work Examiners, Examiners of Professional Counselors, and of Examiners of Marriage & Family Therapists. CEUs may not be valid in all 50 states.


"Dr. Ghosheh's training on TeleHealth was packed full of information to increase confidence and competency with TeleHealth services. Her expertise was evident as she included various considerations when providing services to clients. If an individual has minimal knowledge of the subject prior to the training, they will greatly benefit from the material and have the resources and confidence to provide such services after the fact. Dr. Ghosheh also provides various learning tools for different learning styles and is a warm, comforting presence- definitely a plus when working with individuals in this type of setting!" ~ Bernadette Pinon, LPC

"Dr. Mona Ghosheh’s webinar on telemental health was a critical step in my learning process to set up my online practice.  Dr. Ghosheh answered all of the questions I had about telemental health and also addressed issues that I didn’t even know to ask about. Dr. Ghosheh is a wonderful presenter who is clear and concise.  She taught me so much in just one webinar.  The webinar was packed with practical step by step instructions as well as resources.  The checklists are awesome too and I now use them each time I am talking to a new client and discussing about how best to prepare for an online session. Thank you Dr. Ghosheh for the invaluable learning opportunity!" ~ Dr. Becky Sherman, Licensed Psychologist

"I don't have current interest in online counseling, so I was pleasantly surprised by how interesting and helpful the presentation was. The focus on ethics and various considerations was fun to reflect on. I'll be keeping the content in mind for future reference. Thank you!" ~Anonymous webinar attendee

"This webinar was especially enlightening for me. I haven’t given much serious consideration to private practice, let alone tele-counseling. Mona has such an inviting delivery, and her love for her practice is contagious and shines bright in the webinar. I took away much more than I anticipated, especially about the ethical considerations of tele-counseling and online counseling practice. I’d definitely recommend this webinar to any mental health professional who is considering tele- or online practice, even if only as the slightest of possibility." ~ Dr. Kimberly Burdine, Licensed Psychologist

"The webinar exceeded my expectations and provided so much information about telehealth. Dr. Ghosheh shows her expertise about the topic through the various research and material that was presented." ~Anonymous webinar attendee